In an elegant scrapbook, these works of art capture the essence of everlasting love.

Each page is a reminder of the beauty, grace and authenticity of that extraordinary day. The covers wrapped in fine materials anticipate the wonder that lies inside.
Each photo is a brushstroke of art, a picture of emotions immortalized with mastery, with a touch of romance and a splash of glamour. All our Albums are made entirely by hand, and customized to the customer’s needs and tastes.

Classic Traditional Album

The traditional, handcrafted album par excellence, with 50 pages containing approximately 120/140 photos printed on Kodak Professional matte paper, with its personalized case. It is the product that made the history of wedding photography.

Sizes 30×30, 35×35, 38×38 (all expressed in cm)

Wedding Original Book (Photobook)

It is the photo book par excellence, it can perfectly satisfy all your needs. You can choose between different formats and different covers, from fabrics to the finest leathers which can be personalized with your names, event dates, logos, etc… from overprinting to laser engraving.
You can also choose the type of paper you prefer, from the classic matte or glossy photo paper to a more valuable paper such as “Luster Matt”. The box set is included and is customizable.

Sizes 30×30, 25×35, 30×40, 35×35 (all expressed in cm)

Japan (Photobook)

A unique photo book printed on both sides with Canon paperback, Matt HD Softtouch paper, covers in different materials such as linen, eco-leather, suede, etc… The album can also contain from 180 to 220 photos in 30×40 cm format. Matching and personalized box included.

format 30×40(cm). Matched and personalized box set.

Fine Art (Photobook)

Album printed in “Fine Art” on 100% cotton paper, entirely handmade and hand-bound, with cover customizable via laser engraving and covered in different materials such as wood, leather, fabric, etc. Precious box set also entirely handmade.

available sizes 30×30(cm) or 25×35(cm)

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A memory that becomes art will always move you. For this reason, in addition to our precious albums, we offer a “Fine Art” printing service. An object of unique quality to cherish forever!

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