About Us

Telling a love story with a language like photography is a fascinating challenge for me…

Our photography studio has been accompanying weddings since 1969, with the passion and eyes of those who do it to create emotions…
Our images are born with the desire to be browsed over time, to amaze, to excite, our Albums become unique objects created and made to measure.

For over 35 years I have been traveling to Italy to tell the most beautiful stories through images.
I imagine photography as communication, modern and direct, with the utmost naturalness, I research what “Photography” means in the literary term, (writing with light!)
Your story is important for Me and for Us, we want to tell it accompanied by dedication and passion for this work and above all by the gratitude of being part of one of the most important days of your life; The Wedding .

The Menici Fotografia Team is made up exclusively of professional photographers,
with years of experience in the wedding photography sector.
We always move in a group, to leave nothing to chance, to find every hidden corner of your day. We build the project all together, tailor-made for you, which is why we favor teamwork.